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The mapviewer Maps Amsterdam contains a lot of interactive theme maps from the spatial sector of the City of Amsterdam.
On de interactive map of Housing plans the data of each plan is clickable.
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All figures represent the planning of the gross number of dwellings for the (planned) year in which the construction is started.
Experience shows that many projects are pushed through in time.
If you use the dataset as input for policy, please contact Laura Uittenbogaard:


The housing plans are maintained in a database at the Department of Land and Development of the City of Amsterdam, both administratively and geographically. The data come from various departments of the City and from corporations, project developers and architects.
The dataset is continuously under development and is updated monthly.


For questions, comments or additions about the content, please contact the source holder Laura Uittenboogaard:
For functional and technical questions please contact Klaas-Bindert de Haan, creator of this monitor:


The table shows the total number of houses per phase and per year of start construction according to the most recent figures from the Basisbestand Woningbouw.
Click the red link at the top right of the table to change to segments.
Click on a number in the table for detailed information about the projects in that year and that phase or segment.
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The graph is the automatic graphical representation of the table.
Click on a phase/segment in the legend next to the graph to show/hide one or more bars.
Move the mouse over a bar for the percentage value.

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